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Voting is a right and privilege of citizenship. It is also a duty or responsibility. Every U.S. citizen has a responsibility to participate in their government by registering to vote and voting in elections. As you may have noticed, our American democracy is at a crossroads, and the task ahead of us is massive. It will require cross-party efforts to turn things around.


However, some in Washington, D.C. are opposed to federal actions that could lead to free and equal voting rights. As a result, our state officials must now lead on these issues by acting now. Not only to sustain the current political system but also to strengthen and defend the voting rights of all Rhode Islanders.


We can start by first codifying many of the emergency pandemic voting changes into law ensuring free and fair voter access to the ballot box. Second, amend or eliminate the state’s restrictive voter registration deadline that currently has a 30 day registration deadline before an election. Thirdly, I'd like to see a referendum on the emergency pandemic voting changes and legislation passed by the Rhode Island General Assembly proclaiming as Holiday, General Elections Day in Rhode Island. By doing this, we will once again show ourselves and the rest of the world that our political system is truly representational and inclusive and worthy of emulation by the rest of the democratic world out there.

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